Johan has directed and edited a number of documentaries of genres from music and sport to adventure. He has taken documentaries from conception, through the filming process and post-production all the way to delivery to festivals and streaming platforms. He is available to work on personal documentaries as well, such as travel.


“The Chase” – An Adventure Documentary (Director | Editor)

Johan was brought in to The Chase as director and editor to bring the story to life with strong storytelling, and high production value.

Director’s Statement (Johan Nayar):

“This is a story about a protagonist whose concept of the bounds of reality are far beyond what would be considered normal. Born in South Africa, and later emigrating to Australia – he ended up having a midlife crisis and spent a year reflecting on a Brisbane beach.

During this time he put his mind to building a machine that sails on the snow (with all that famous Australian snow!) with a view to sailing it in Antarctica. He drew it out as a sketch. In his final visit to his dying father, he showed him the design, and his dad loved it and told him to go for it.

After the tragic loss of his dad months later, he returned to Cape Town for the funeral. Whilst returning back to Brisbane, the plane was forced to take a diversion south, due to wind conditions. The diversion took them over the Antarctic coastline which was clearly a sign for Charles to go for it.

Our film covers this story, and the adventures he had with the snowsailer called “Papa One”, meeting his future wife, Margo, and evolving the design. With all the ups and downs of becoming an adventurer, the incessant training and the ordeals of lugging the snowsailer around the globe – I found Charles Werb’s experiences as an inventor and adventurer truly inspiring.”

poster for the Chase on Adventure+ with Charles WerbEmbark on a breathtaking adventure with “The Chase.”

Join us in “The Chase” as we witness the boundaries of human ambition, resilience, and the pursuit of dreams, all set against the breathtaking backdrop of snow and ice. Charles Werb’s story reminds us that with determination, the ordinary can transform into the extraordinary, and that life’s most fulfilling adventures often lie just beyond the bounds of our comfort zone.


“Absolutely Marvellous” – A Knockout Boxing Documentary (Editor)

“Absolutely Marvellous” packs a punch, both in the ring and on the screen.

Absolutely Marvellous, edited by Johan Nayar


“Absolutely Marvellous” is an intimate look into the world of Marvel Opara, the eccentric and partially sighted mother of heavyweight boxing champion Joe Joyce. Set in the style of a fly-on-the-wall documentary, it follows Marvel and her family over several months. While the focus is on their daily lives, the real fascination lies in the questions we all share: Do celebrities and their loved ones live like us? Do they argue like us? And, in Marvel’s case, what’s it like living with a disability that prevents her from seeing her world-famous son box in the ring?

In 2022, Johan showcased his editing prowess with this documentary, which opened the British Urban Film Festival, leaving audiences in awe. Explore the highs and lows of Marvel’s life, the challenges she faces, and the incredible bond between a mother and her champion son.

Discover “Absolutely Marvellous”


“The Banjo Boys” – When Myth Becomes Legend (Director | Editor)

Prepare to be moved by the enchanting world of Malawian Banjo music.

The Banjo Boys - trailer


“The Banjo Boys” is an enchanting journey that follows two unsuspecting street musicians, Yobu Maligwa and Yosefe Kalekeni, from Malawi, as they embark on their road to prominence. Emerging from humble beginnings, these talented musicians venture out into the world, spreading their passion for Malawian Banjo music. By their side, their devoted mentor, Neil Nayar, supports them tirelessly, ensuring they are well-fed and sound their best as they tour the globe.

Stay tuned for “The Banjo Boys” as Johan explores the rich tapestry of Malawian Banjo music, its history, and the incredible journey of Yobu, Yosefe, and Neil. This is a tale of passion, dedication, and the power of music to unite and inspire.

Stay Tuned for “The Banjo Boys” coming in 2024

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