What does a party animal do during lockdown? Vincent (Luis David Rodriguez) starts to question the police state that saps his vital energy. He calls Sia (Karolina Kula) the girl he met on the last night before lockdown. What’s the worst that could happen if you do break the rules?

The Lift Off Sessions 2020 – Pinewood Studios
Online Isolation Short Videos 2020 – Moscow
Da Vinci International Film Festival (Official Selection) – Los Angeles

A short film about Lockdown, made under Lockdown conditions. Shot on iPhone in Barcelona, London and Bournemouth. With a haunting original score by Johan Nayar (a.k.a The Numinous) and beautifully shot by Daniel de Pasquale.

“Great work all round by Johan Nayar and his team. Very atmospheric and captured the strange and often surreal existence of a lockdown. Also, a nice twist at the end – an important element in short films that worked really well. Awesome job.” – Theo Davies, director of Wish Man (2019)

“Online Order” is a wonderful example of how creativity thrives within a set of constraints. In a world interconnected by the internet, it is possible for a cast and crew of four individuals from Poland, the United Kingdom and Venezuela to come together to produce a film shot entirely using bedrooms, living rooms and a roof. This project highlights humanity’s power to overcome any challenge and inclination, no matter the circumstances, to create.

Listen to the main song on the soundtrack here:



The Numinous · True Intentions